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At Let's Learn Cree we create and develop Cree language learning materials in the Y dialect. Using basic Cree words that are written phonetically so anyone can pronounce the words how they are originally spoken. With brightly illustrated artwork these learning resources are fun for any age.


We currently have 2 Volumes available, which contain 4 books and 2 sets of flash cards each. Volume 1 has Numbers in Cree, Animals in Cree, Tansi/Hello, and Commands in Cree. Volume 2 has Days of the week in Cree, Ceremony words in Cree, Numbers and Animals in Cree. We have also released our Volume 1 package in audio book format, and are currently working on an animated series of Cree learning fun!


Our mission is to create and develop Cree learning materials, and provide a sufficient product that is going to help revitalize a beautiful language that is currently being lost. We hope with every package that goes out, it’s a step towards seeing the Cree language prosper and grow.

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